2+ Top Legal Drafting Software’s

Himmat Singh Rathore

Himmat Singh Rathore

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Have you just started law business? If so, then you may not have much knowledge of legal drafting, that is why today I will tell you about such online tools with the help of which you can do legal drafting.

1. Chat GPT (Open AI)

This is an online software(free) built on Open AI which can do many tasks easily and one of them is legal drafting. This software is used by lawyers of many countries and in it you have to enter the details of your case and it will create your draft and even changes can be made in it through chat.

2. Lexis+ AI

This is also an AI tool but it is completely different from ChatGpt because it is specially made for legal drafting and it gets attached to your Microsoft Word which is a very great feature.

You will get many legal templates in it and hence you will not need to search the template separately and the entire scope of legal content research will be available in this tool.

You can also create snippets of clauses and can also give citation.

This is a tool designed for properly structured legal drafting

3. SmokeBall

This is not an AI tool but it has many legal drafting templates with the help of which you can create your own drafting template and use it whenever needed.

I checked in the Reddit discussion that many people are using it and people like it.

Cons : –

1. Only integrates with Office 365

2. It does not have CRM capabilities.

3. No Automation