2+ Best Virtual Assistant Service Provider Companies

Himmat Singh Rathore

Himmat Singh Rathore

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Have you just started your own business? If yes, then your budget will not be so much that you can hire an office assistant who can talk to your customers, respond to chats and also take care of your billing section.

But if I say that all this can be done within the budget then what will you believe? Yes, I am talking about the Indian virtual assistant who charges according to the hour because in India you will get a good virtual assistant at your convenience.

Let me now tell you some websites on which you can easily hire a virtual assistant.

1. Virtual Employee

This is an Indian company and they have offices in many big cities of India. According to them, their hourly price starts from 7 USA dollars but my opinion is that it can be even cheaper if you hire virtual assistant on salary basis.

They have more than 100 virtual assistants and currently provide their services to more than 100 international law firms which is a huge number and they can provide you a good service.

The company can provide virtual assistant for every type of practice area and as far as I believe, a single virtual assistant can be used for many different types of practice.

These virtual assistants have full command of the latest tools and these tools are:-


This is an online tool called Legal Case Management Tool. There are many options in it like you can add your legal customer in it and file their contact numbers. One of the best options is the calendar which can be used to create events. Events may also happen related to the case such as your court hearing. While creating an event, the option of date, time and location is given because this is very important information for the event.

It also has a built-in document management system related to legal cases, which is a very good option.

Fast Case

Virtual Employee has full experience of fast case which is a very good thing because it is a very good online tool to do legal research because in it you can research old legal cases.

2. Outsource2India

The registered company that runs outsource2india is named Flatworld Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is a company based in Bengaluru, India and the special thing about this company is that along with providing virtual assistant, it also does the work of legal case management.

3. Sun Lexis

Sun Lexis company’s office is in New Delhi, India and this company provides legal virtual assistant services all over the world. Company complete legal case management is done in 6 steps and these steps are:-

  1. Contract Management Legal drafting, re-drafting, abstraction, review, proofreading, editing, precedent / template creation
  2. Discovery Management document review, litigation coding, database management, indexing
  3. Legal Research & Analysis involving primary sources & secondary sources
  4. Legal Transcription, Typing and Digitization
  5. Trial Exhibit Preparation
  6. Intellectual Property Management for Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks etc.

This means you do not need a separate legal management system and Sun Lexis can use its own custom made software because Sun Lexis also makes software.