Unable to Install CWP/Virtualmin/Webmin/ in AWS- Free Tier?

Himmat Singh Rathore

Himmat Singh Rathore

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You can find lot of free and paid Linux web hosting panels by searching online and you can install any of them by using few SSH commands.


Here below, I am listing only most popular Linux web hosting control panels that 3 control panel do not work in amazon Web Services(AWS)-free tier account and 1is working without any issues.

  1. CWP Panel(Do not work)
  2. Virtualmin – ( Installed without any error but did not work)
  3. Webmin – ( Installed but didn’t find domain hosting option)
  4. AApanel – ( Worked and No Issue)

CWP Panel

Control Web Panel(CWP) was known as CentOS Web Panel a free Linux based web hosting control panel designed for web hosting service providers and system admins for quick and easy management of Linux servers.

Previously I was using it for almost 1 year and installation was very easy in KVM based Virtual Private Server(VPS) but when I tried to install it recently in Aws through Putty Terminal-SSH, It did not install and was giving lot of unknown errors in SSH.

To solve those errors, I searched about it online and found lot of forum discussion threads about this same issues but no threads were able to solve it.


Virtualmin is a full-featured open-source web hosting control panel designed for Linux/BSD web hosting service providers and system admins.

First time, I installed Virtualmin on AWS- Free Tier with no visible errors but it did not work for unknown reasons.


It was installed without any errors and admin panel was opened but when it was asking to install virtualmin to host websites, so was useless for me.


It was installed and running without any issue and you can install WordPress in just click. you can also choose between Apache or Nginx and no security issue till now.

This is the most secure and easiest way to install WordPress in Aws Free Tier without any issue.