How To Do Local SEO For Lawyers? The Definitive Guide

Himmat Singh Rathore

Himmat Singh Rathore

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Lawyer ignorant of technology does not know much difference between local SEO.

Don’t worry, many useful steps have been suggested to you in our local SEO guide.

What is Local SEO for Lawyers?

When search queries include the name of cities or any area then this search query is called local search query and SEO done for these queries is called Local SEO.

Very less traffic is also a big advantage because there is very little competition in a very small area, and if you are offering good services, the customer does not have many options other than you.

Local SEO is beneficial for local business, isn’t it?

Local SEO for Lawyers Strategies


1. How to Optimize Google Business Profile for Law Firm Local SEO?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is the highlighted business listing used in the Google’s local pack search results. The box includes your firm’s business name, address, phone number, hours, and website. 

How to Optimize a Google Business Profile?

Because Google uses your attorney Google Business Profile in its local SEO algorithms, your GBP must accurately reflect your legal business. Therefore, you should ensure it is set up correctly – and update it often. Again, this is free. And your prospective clients will use it. Below are several tips for optimizing your Google Business Profile:

Does Distance Affect Local SEO?

The closer the user’s location is to your business address, the higher your business listing will be shown to the user in top of local pack.

You should open your office at a place where you are expected to get the most clients.

With this thing the distance between you and your client will always be less and by doing this your GMB profile will be visible to more and more clients.

Why Do We Need Office Address For Local SEO?

In local SEO, the first thing you should do is have the permanent office of your law firm.

Is Popular Location Beneficial For Local SEO?

The office should be in a place that is easy for your clients to reach.

It used to be seen that having an office at a popular place makes it easier for clients to go there because that location is known.

Route Traffic

Therefore, it takes very less time for the client to reach there.

Road traffic also matters a lot in local SEO because clients do not like to go to law offices on heavy traffic roads.


The website of a law firm that has good reviews ranks at the top in that area. Good reviews means there should be different variations of reviews and there should be no generic reviews.

Review should be in detail which boost local seo.


Most customers research a law firm thoroughly before hiring it and office photos indicate the credibility of the law firm.

You can also convert testimonials into GIFs.

2. Use Legal Directories as a Part of Local SEO for Lawyers

Online legal directories are the only place where creating a business profile benefits you, firstly you will get local clients, then your local SEO will improve and you will also get natural backlinks.

If you want a list of these legal directories then :

21 Best Legal Directories List

3. Improve Local SEO with Local Citations

Not much information about the business is given in local citation, only the name, address, phone number because there is no option for law firm to enter more information on such sites.

But citation is also very useful, it will give you extra clients, extra boost to local SEO and extra backlinks.


4. Master Link Building for Local Search Engine Optimization

Many lawyers focus only on legal directories and citations and do not do link building. But links are also very important in local SEO.


How to Build Links

Law firms can create links easily and it is not a difficult task.

Legal Directories Links

 In most of the legal directories, you will get the option to put the link of your website and this link is completely relevant and natural.


Local Citation Links

Local citation websites also provide the option to insert website links.

Forum Discussion Websites Links

Forum discussion websites are also good to get links but the discussion is on topic and your link is helpful for other forum users, it is very important, otherwise such links can have negative effects on the local seo.

5. Target Clients with Local Landing Pages

50% of law firms are not able to optimize the landing page properly, hence they do not get the benefit of it in local SEO.

How to Target Landing Pages

To take proper advantage of local SEO, it is very important to optimize your landing page properly.
Below are several tips for optimizing your landing pages:
Your office should be physical in the location where you are targeting the landing page, otherwise Google may consider this page as spam.

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