Fetterman Law

Case Summary:

Fetterman Law Team is a Lawyers Firm that is known in every household in Florida. But sadly it has been seen as a struggling firm daily having more robust lawyers groups emerge. The new digital marketing campaign by IMHSR has been raking up emotions attached to the Fetterman law team in every household. 

The SEO campaign that was run was named as #F&M.

Resulting reverberation-

  • The campaign reinstated the power of quality content.
  • The campaign also reinstated the power of content marketing and the power of positivity it brings through social media marketing.
  • The campaign accelerated the use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram by helping customer directly.

Practice Areas :-

Wrongful Deaths
A. Public Transport Accidents
1. Bus Accidents
2. Taxi Accidents

3. Train Accidents

B. Personal Vehicle Accidents
1. Car Accidents
2. Motorcycle Accidents
4. Bicycle Accidents

C. Medical Malpractice
D. Defective Products
E. Workplace Accidents
F. Nursing Home
G. Pedestrian accidents
H. Aviation accidents
I. Premises Liability
J. Boating accidents
K. Assaults
L. Murder
M. Poisonings