The complete guide to Google Panda

Himmat Singh Rathore

Himmat Singh Rathore

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Table of Contents

What is Google’s Panda?

Google’s panda is there a solution to a problem and what was the problem? The problem was to identify that content which was of no use in any way but was generating too much and the algorithm to identify that useless content was called Panda Algorithm.

If your content used to rank many years ago but doesn’t anymore, then you are a victim of this algorithm.

What can be done now?

You don’t have to do that thing you were doing before. for example :-

1 – Do not stuff keywords

If you have previously included keywords in the content just to get SEO benefits, then stop it because Google’s algorithm on keyword stuffing is very aggressive, so the content should be without any stuffing.

2- Stop Over Internal Linking

Internal linking is important but unnecessary linking makes the content light and such content is rejected by Panda algorithm.

3- Stop Design Over-Optimization

Web design is also a part of content and Google Panda does not like very big web design, hence web-design should be attractive as well as usable.