WordPress vs HTML: Which is Better for Your Law Website

Himmat Singh Rathore

Himmat Singh Rathore

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If you are seeing this post then you want to know whether you should create a website for your law firm. Right now most of the people are building their websites in WordPress or HTML.

Let us then compare both and tell you which will be best for you.


1. You should create your website in WordPress If you have a good budget because WordPress development is a bit costly.

2. In a way, WordPress is a one-time investment, as it is very easy to manage after the development is complete.

3. The website built on this looks more professional.

4. There are many WordPress plugins with the help of which you can customize your law website.

5. If you want to build a website keeping SEO in mind, then; for you kind information, blog posting is very important for SEO.

6. WordPress was created specifically for blogs, and with it; this is clear effortless to create a blog.

7. WordPress is a bit heavy so you will need fast web hosting.


  • HTML development is not very costly.
  • HTML website is not dynamic, which means for small things you will have to take the help of a web developer again.
  • HTML website gives a very light look, which means that nowadays professional websites are rarely created on HTML.
  • Blog option will not be available in HTML.
  • It is very difficult to customize HTML website for SEO.
  • But you will not need fast web hosting for HTML website because it consumes very less resources.

Final Words

According to me, WordPress is the best option for a law website.