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IMHSR focus on customer satisfaction of online world.
  1. Aug, 2012
    Started h4host in 2012

    My name is Himmat Singh Rathore and I am the CEO of the company. Before getting into digital marketing business, I have done lot of different types of business activities and selling reseller web hosting is one of noticeable business. I launched a website h4host.com to sell web hosting space to business owners in 2012. I got lot of customers because of very competitive price in the market.

  2. Oct, 2013
    Shut downed h4host in 2013

    I was only who promoting h4host.com online to increase sales of web hosting business and my another domain www.cheapresellerhosting.in was ranking in Google of many keywords that is driving lot of sales but due to cheapest prices, I was not able to earn profit and I closed the website and services after migrate all of my customers to another company server.

  3. Feb, 2014
    I worked in SAG Infotech as a SEO Expert

    Web hosting was failed due to financial issue, so I decided to find a job and luckily I got one because of some SEO knowledge.

    I handled SEO of lawyer firm websites which is located in U.S.A

    Mostly website was built on WordPress.